Huge Step for Mina: The Mina-Ethereum Bridge is completed! zkBridge explained! | Mina Protocol


 Hello everyone, in this article I would like to share with you an important step for Mina Protocol. As you know, we have been waiting for zkBridge, which is the to Ethereum for a long time, and today the expected news finally came. Mikhail Komarov, founder of the Nil Foundation, said that the audit of Mina's blockchain proof-of-state on Ethereum was successful and we can now start preparing for the release of the zkBridge product on the blockchain.

Like all of us, the founders of the bridge, the nill foundation, are very excited about the upcoming zkBridge for at least 3 reasons! Let's talk about them.

With secure data exchange, Mina users will be opened to scenarios and new ways to utilize their assets, thus gaining new experiences.

zkApps developers get opportunities to expand their presence by creating integrations that create new value to the Ethereum ecosystem.

When one protocol at a time can provide a proof of state that can be verified by another party, the entire industry becomes more transparent and less fragmented, requiring no trust in third parties.

These 3 reasons introduce zkBridge's product roadmap that will bridge Mina to Ethereum through the foundation's Proof Marketplace.

What is needed to use the bridge?

There are three steps to be taken before the bridge can be used.


Continuous auxiliary proof-of-state generation is required for the zkBridge of the mina. This means that the incentivized proof generator set needs to be regulated. And this kind of proof generative set is based on data from different protocols (e.g. Ethereum's data). This means that should be based on  =nil’s 'DROP DATABASE *'. This type of proof generator set is regulated by =nil;'s Proof Marketplace.


Proof producers must ensure appropriate proof production performance. This means that the software they work with needs to be developed and tuned to the hardware they use most. This requires a competitive environment where proof producers can compare their results (and be rewarded) in a trustless way. The fastest proof producer for an order wins! Don't you think this is the best way to optimize? Exactly it is.


The validator and the internal EVM case management section should be publicly published and tested. Possible gas consumption reductions should be publicly questioned. In this step, tests are performed and publicly published to ensure that the validator and the in-EVM state management partition are working properly. At the same time, the results of efforts to reduce gas consumption are shared publicly.

These steps will be coordinated by the =nil; Foundation via Discord (#mina channel) and Telegram, and they need the help of Mina's community every step of the way. Together we will make this bridge usable.

Proof Marketplace is an proof producer marketplace. This can be done using open data (e.g. like Ethereum, Mina or Solana) It is an open and competitive marketplace for proof producers. The marketplace is designed by the =nil;  foundation. zkOracles, zkBridges, Danksharding or Nill's DROP Database is a Distributed proof producers marketplace requiring various proofs. You can participate by running any =nil; node (high availability / decentralized).

The Bridge app will use Mina's proof of state generated by the Proof Marketplace as a consumer, so the workflow will be as follows: So this is how the bridge will work:

User creates Snapp/zkApp and sends status to Mina.

The bridge application receives Mina's state and orders proof generation, using Mina's state as input.

Proof generators of the Proof Marketplace fulfill the order and return a newly generated proof to the bridge application.

The bridge application obtains the address of a validator from the Proof Market based data accessibility application.

The bridge application sends a proof to the validator. It can now be executed in the dApp in EVM.

In a nutshell, zkBridge will store and update the current proof of state of the Mina blockchain in a smart contract on the Ethereum Mainnet.

Yes, friends, Mina's bridge will be like this in general terms. It is not currently available to end users, so it is not directly available on the Mina Mainnet. After testing on the Berkeley testnet, zkBridge will be released on the Mina blockchain. In addition, if you want to participate in the proof market, which we have just explained, as a mina state proof generator, as a circuit and proof generator optimizer or as a verifier deployment, you can browse the technical process and details by clicking here.

Price wise, we should wait for zkBrdige to be published on Mina Mainnet for a nice price movement. After that level, things will get better for Mina. For the fastest access to all news about Mina Protocol to follow me on Twitter and Don't forget to subscribe my Youtube channel. See you in the next videos, stay healthy, stay with Mina!