What Happened in Mina Coin in the Last Month? Latest Updates and Announcements!

Mina Protocol

Hello everyone, in this article I will share the latest updates in Mina with you. This is the first article in our new series, where I will try to explain the updates in the ecosystem and answer your questions as much as possible. So, let's get started!

In the past month, Mina Protocol announced the zkIgnite Cohort 1 grant program, which was very useful and hundreds of proposals were submitted. The announcement of the funded projects was made, and if you have submitted a project proposal, you can check whether it was funded or not in the announcements section. Additionally, I will talk about the grant-receiving projects in another article. The grant program was an effective and important step for the Mina ecosystem, and after the funding, there will not be only one grant program, but the announcement of the next cohorts is announced by the Mina team! If you have a project, you can now signup to Cohort 2.

After the grant program announcement, everyone started talking about when zkApps will be released. This will be possible with the hard fork that is expected to take place on the blockchain and the removal of supercharged staking rewards. In other words, we need the hard fork to see zkApps on the Mainnet, and the proposal to remove the supercharged staking rewards that was voted on by the community will also be possible with the hard fork!

Speaking of Mina improvement proposals, there is also a new improvement proposal. The proposal is about updating Mina's current Proof-of-Stake system to the Kimchi Proof-of-Stake system, which will be voted on by the community and added to the network with the hard fork! You can watch my Kimchi video from my Mina Protocol playlist to learn more about Kimchi!

Mina Protocol

In addition, Mina Protocol has surpassed the threshold of 150 billion on-chain accounts and the adoption rate is accelerating. The mainnet of Mina Protocol turned 2 years old on March 23, 2021! Happy Birthday! We have created a very large community together and invested in the project in the early stages!

Mina Protocol

Mina Protocol released version 1.4.0beta2 on the Mainnet, and some minor bugs were fixed and updates were made. In addition, an update was made on the Berkeley testnet with the 68fa3fa update. These updates are a good sign, and I also think that a good price movement will come after the hard fork. Our goal in Mina Coin is to go higher, and we are still in the stage of creating more ecosystem. I believe that we will easily see those days.

Mina Protocol

Additionally, Mina Protocol released a video on its official YouTube channel explaining zkOracles in a very simple and beautiful way. I also recommend watching it. I will also publish special videos on Mina's zkOracles and Pickles. These were the monthly updates and news, now let's move on to the community's questions! In this section, I will quickly answer the questions asked to me on Discord and Twitter. Let's get started!

Someone asked if this series will continue regularly. Yes, this series will continue as a monthly video. There was a question about whether Auro Wallet or Clorio Wallet is safer. Of course, the answer is that both wallets are safe. You can use both wallets comfortably, as both have gone through the audit process. When will the pricing of Mina coin start? Of course, if we want to see a permanent movement in price levels, we need to see zkApps on the mainnet, and for this, as I mentioned earlier, the hard fork needs to take place. So there is very little time left for us to see zkApps on the mainnet! We will see the first zkApps in the Mina ecosystem after the funding stage. As for where we can see it in terms of market cap, I think we will see it in the top 10 on CoinmarketCap. Someone asked about the differences between Mina and similar projects, but it is not possible to answer this because there is no project that is similar to Mina yet. Some have compared it to Aleo, but other than zk technology, they have no other similarities, and their goals are different. Is there any delay in the 2023 roadmap? zkBridge has been successfully implemented, and there were zkOracles with the nearest dates, but there is no update on this for now, but the focus is on zkIgnite, which is to build the ecosystem. Alright guys, that's all for our article, don't forget to write your comments on the series!